The Glass Blunt: What it is and How to Use One

Getting bored of smoking joints and blunts? Spice things up by packing a glass blunt instead!

Glass blunts are a relatively new way of smoking, but they’re quickly catching on. They’re easy to use, easy to maintain, easy to carry, and are an overall awesome way to smoke cannabis.

What is a glass blunt? Here’s a quick breakdown of what you need to know, including how to pack a glass blunt and how to clean a glass blunt.

glass blunt 1

What is a Glass Blunt?

First thing’s first, what is a glass blunt? They’re not quite a pipe and not quite a blunt, but something in between that is all it’s own.

As you can probably tell from the name, a glass blunt is a glass smoking utensil that’s shaped like a blunt. It is a small glass cylinder that is open on one end and has a mouthpiece on the other. On the inside, glass blunts have a long metal screw that runs the length of the unit and attaches to the mouthpiece. This screw can be popped out for loading and cleaning.

How to Pack a Glass Blunt

Packing a glass blunt is quick and easy. Here are six steps for how to pack a glass blunt.

1. To start, remove the screw by pulling it out from the mouthpiece end.

2. Next, put a silicon cap or your finger over the other open end of the blunt (the lighting end) in order to prevent any cannabis flower from falling out.

3. Once you’re sure the end is sealed off, fill the tube with cannabis flower, loading at the mouthpiece end.

4. When it’s filled, place the screw back into the unit lightly, but don’t click it into place yet. First, twist the screw in a counter-clockwise motion to mix up the cannabis inside and evenly distribute it throughout the length of the apparatus.

5. Once you’ve rotated the screw a few times to distribute the flower, push the screw the rest of the way into the glass tube until it clicks into place—turning it back into the mouthpiece.

6. Take the cap or your finger off the open end, and light up your glass blunt using that hole. Gently drag through the mouthpiece to get a nice, even pull.

How to Clean a Glass Blunt

Just like any other smoking utensil, using a glass blunt should also entail regular cleaning sessions in order to keep it fresh and working well.

To clean, start by pulling out the mouthpiece screw. You’ll clean the glass tube from that end. If your glass blunt came with a small brush tool, use that to clean out the insides of the tube. If not, you can improvise with another small brush tool, queue tip, or a wet pipe cleaner.

The metal screw and the mouthpiece can be soaked in hot water for a short period before being rubbed clean with paper towels or a similar brush tool. Just ensure you don’t soak it for more than an hour, and dry it immediately and thoroughly upon removal so it doesn’t rust.

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Glass Blunts vs Chillums

Chillums are very similar to glass blunts. They are pipes made of glass or ceramic material and have a similar open-ended design. However, there’s one big difference between a chillum and a glass blunt: how much cannabis they can hold. Chillum’s can usually only hold up to a gram of herb, but depending on the size of the glass blunt, using a glass blunt may mean you can actually pack in several grams at a time.

Keeping Things Simple With a One Hitter

One-hitter pipes are a fan favorite among smokers looking for a quick and easy way to smoke cannabis. These small metal pipes are about the size of a cigarette and are sometimes designed to look like one, too. Not only are one-hitter pipes super easy to pack, use, and carry, but their small size makes them very discreet. They’re certainly more discreet to use than a chillum or a glass blunt, and are perfect for microdosing or smoking cannabis discreetly.

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