Cannabis to the Rescue: Cloud Cannabis’ Valentine’s Gift Guide

Are you stuck for ideas on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Count on us to lend a helping hand! Because cannabis delivers so many benefits—relief from stress, aches, and pains—not to mention a proven ability to stimulate the brain’s pleasure centers—cannabis is a slam-dunk when it comes to Valentine’s.

Where should you begin? To make it even easier, we’ve put together a Valentine’s Gift Guide, with suggestions ranging from fresh and fragrant cannabis flower to ground-breaking topicals to captivating edibles. If you’re stuck for ideas on what to get your sweetie this Valentine’s Day, you’ve come to the right place!

Valentine’s Gift Guide: The Intersection of Cannabis and Pleasure

Let’s start by sharing a little background on why cannabis is such a great match with Valentine’s Day. While the federal prohibition on cannabis makes studying it a challenge, numerous surveys of current cannabis users point to the fact that a great many of us derive increased sexual pleasure when we combine sex and cannabis.

That said, what about some specific gift ideas? So glad you asked! Here are a few of our favorite cannabis products to pair with Valentine’s Day. But stock changes quickly; be sure to check our live menu before heading down to the dispensary.

Valentine’s Gift Guide: Favorite Cannabis Products for Intimacy

Valentine's Gift Guide - Transdermal Pen

Transdermal Gel Pen by Mary’s Medicinals

Having won wide acclaim for their revolutionary transdermal patches, Mary’s turn their focus towards a single-dose gel dispenser that delivers 2mg of THC per pump. It’s great for soothing spot aches and pains while delivering a gentle and calming serving of euphoria.

choice labs prerollGelato Pre-roll by Choice Labs

Anecdotally, many of us find that sticking with a moderate dose of THC is great for staying present during sex. Gelato—sometimes known as “Larry Bird”—delivers a delightful but not overpowering euphoria paired with a distinctive happy energy. A crowd favorite!

dream edibles

Dulce de Leche Caramel by Dream Edibles

A sweet treat that delivers the irresistible flavor of Latin American-style milk caramel—not to mention 20mg of THC? Yes, please! These tiny flavor bombs are made from locally sourced ingredients, gluten- and soy-free, and the perfect segue from a romantic dinner to a night to remember. As with all edibles, be aware that these candies may take up to two hours to take full effect. 

And if you choose to go the edibles route, make sure to save this dosing infographic and play it safe!

edibles dosing infographic cloud cannabis

Durban Poison by Platinum Vape 

Packaged in a standard 510-type vape cartridge, this legendary sativa delivers classic energizing, focusing and creative effects while helping put a silly grin on your face. What’s more, this strain is known for a distinctive anisy-aroma and flavor. Sounds like a winning combination in our book!

molotov 22

Molotov #22 by Healing Organic Garden

Available in fresh flower format, this intriguing hybrid strain delivers a blend of mesmerizing calm and a happy mood boost. Topped off with an earthy, nearly nutty flavor, it’s just the thing for dropping into a slow-moving and sensual evening just for two….

kiva valentines ebibles

100mg THC Dark Chocolate Bar by Kiva

An offering from perhaps the nation’s pre-eminent maker of cannabis-infused edibles, this truly decadent bar combines 54% cacao with premium cold-water method hash. Look for flavor notes of black coffee and dark cherry, and a dynamite sensory experience you’ll not soon forget.

Ready to experiment for yourself? Find these products and more at your nearest Cloud Cannabis: