Cannabis and Sex: What the Research Tells Us About Pleasure

With its distinctive and unforgettable euphoria, cannabis has a way of heightening even simple pleasures (don’t get us started on the munchies). But when it comes to the interaction between cannabis and sex, many people are still in the dark. Is cannabis helpful or a downer? 

After years of blind guesses and shots in the dark, the research into cannabis and sex is finally starting to yield some objective answers. Here’s what the most recent studies tell us, plus some specific strain recommendations to help you get the most from the combination of cannabis and sex.

cannabis and sex couple

Cannabis and Sex: The Science of Pleasure

The links between cannabis and pleasure are complex and not fully understood. Many of us find that cannabis and sex are a great pairing, while others find that cannabis stokes the anxiety that can challenge intimacy. To understand why, we need to turn to the research.

One study from 2017 sought to answer a nagging question—does cannabis stoke or inhibit sexual desire and performance?—by determining whether regular cannabis use correlates with more sex, or less. The answer was fairly unequivocal: Those who regularly used cannabis—regardless of their race, age, education level, income group, religion and health status, marital and parental status—had about 20% more sex than those who didn’t. While the authors were careful not to draw a causal link between cannabis use and sexual frequency, the broad correlation is noteworthy. 

Other studies have quantified the positive interactions between cannabis and sex, both for women as well as for men. In part because of the inherent difficulties in studying the complex mechanisms of pleasure, many of these studies have taken the forms of surveys. And some have delivered some truly fascinating insights. 

One widely publicized study from 2019 asked nearly 400 women about their experiences with sex and cannabis. Mirroring in part the findings of the 2017 study, this one found that those women who used cannabis before sex had over two times better odds of reporting satisfactory orgasms. And overall, women who used cannabis regularly reported greater satisfaction in terms of sex drive, lubrication, and overall sexual experience. 

That’s not to say there isn’t useful information for men in the scientific literature. While one 2011 study found some contradictory evidence that cannabis use could exacerbate erectile dysfunction, another study from 2020 found that cannabis helped some men access greater intimacy, experience fewer inhibitions, and increased overall pleasure during sex.

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Cannabis and Sex: Specific Product Recommendations

Because cannabis affects everyone a little differently, we can’t give one-size-fits-all recommendations. Do you prefer the buzzy cerebral stimulation of a sativa-leaning hybrid, or the warm full-body rush of a classic indica? By tuning into what your body craves, you can make fairly accurate guesses about which strains will enhance an erotic experience. That said, here are a few hand-picked product recommendations to get the ball rolling:

Sundara Lubricant by Monster Xtracts

This lubricant was designed to enhance intimacy and pleasure by helping to relax muscles and increase blood flow to sensitive areas, as well easing discomfort during sexual activity.

Chocolate Covered Pretzels by Choice Labs

Infused with solventless full-spectrum extract, these pretzels are truly a labor of love.

White Widow Vape Cartridge by Drip

This 510-style cartridge comes packed with one of the most popular strains in the world. White Widow is known for a memorable combination of effects, including a powerful euphoria and inspiring creative energy.

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