Liven Up Your Summer With the Cloud Cannabis Energize Box Available 5/29

Excited for summer? So are we! And what better way to enjoy the summertime sun than with uplifting and energizing sativa products that will take you to new heights. That’s why we’ve put together our Energize Blue Boxes – a bundle packed with 7 of the best cannabis products made with sativa strains for energy! 

Strains for Energy: What Is a Sativa? 

Sativa is a variety of cannabis that is known for producing uplifting cerebral effects that are perfect for the daytime. Many cannabis strains can leave you feeling sleepy, sedated, and groggy – especially indicas and indica-dominant hybrids. But a good sativa will do just the opposite. Sativas can provide you with a boost of energy, creativity, focus, and cerebral euphoria, making them perfect for enjoying during the daytime, and during the summer!

Sativa plants are believed to be indigenous to Asia. They tend to be taller and narrower than indica cannabis plants. Ultimately, though, unless you are able to access landrace strains, most strains you will find in a dispensary are hybrids. You will often find them marked as “indica dominant” or “sativa dominant” to indicate the types of effects you can expect from them. Of course, terpenes play a role in how your body will react to any given strain, so when looking for strains for energy check for:

  • Sativa dominance
  • THC:CBD ratio (too much THC may make you drowsy!)
  • Energizing terpenes like limonene and pinene

Cloud Cannabis Energize Box

sativa strains for energy

Liven up your summer with Cloud’s Energize Box, loaded with sativa products and strains for energy that are perfect for a summertime pick-me-up. 

We’ve put together a collection of 7 of our favorite sativa products that will lift you up, boost your spirits, and energize you throughout the summer days. From concentrates to edibles and prerolls, there’s bound to be something you’ll love no matter how you prefer to consume your cannabis! 

Best of all, our Energize Box provides amazing value. While these products would usually run as much as $200 when bought individually, you can enjoy them for just $99 when bundled together. 

What’s In the Box?

In each Energize Box you’ll find:

  • Kaneh Co. Superfood Granola Bites – These vegan and gluten-free granola bites are loaded with sunflower seeds, almonds, oats, chia seeds, goji berries, and of course, cannabis. At 10 mg of THC per bite, these edibles are the perfect option for health-conscious connoisseurs. 
  • Mitten Extracts Super Lemon Haze – A delicious vape cartridge featuring a sativa-dominant hybrid of Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk – one of the best sativa strains for energy. Mouthwatering lemon-citrus vapor with every hit! 
  • Pyramid Blue Skunk Sauce Cart – Concentrated sauce with a huge terpene content for extra-flavorful dabs. A high-THC full-spectrum extract. 
  • Choice Chews Blue Raz Dream – These blue raspberry chews allow you to enjoy legendary sativa strain Blue Dream in a fun, convenient, and easy-to-consume format. And thanks to their fast-acting formulation, these chews will take as little as 30–45 minutes to kick in.
  • Crude Boys Tarantula Caviar Sticks – These caviar sticks are unlike any preroll you’ve ever smoked before. Made with buds dipped in concentrated oil and sprinkled with kief, they are more potent and hard-hitting than any other joint. 
  • Choice Mist The Mint Sativa – This minty sativa oral spray delivers 2.5 mg of THC with every use. Their fast-acting formula will have you feeling their effects within 10–15 minutes. Perfect for both microdosing or recreational use.
  • TruGro Clemenberry Preroll – Made with fresh high-quality cannabis, this Clemenberry preroll is both potent and delicious. 

Available On 5/29!

Starting on May 29 you can pick up a Cloud Energize Box at any Cloud Cannabis location (except for Traverse City, sorry!). Don’t delay! We’re sure these limited stock boxes will be flying off the shelf in no time! 

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