How to Roll A Blunt: The Guide to Perfect Technique

Is there any more iconic way to consume cannabis than a blunt? Blunts have been immortalized in countless pieces of cannabis culture, from films to music. But just because they’re so well-known doesn’t make them easy to roll. In fact, rolling a blunt takes proper technique and plenty of practice. But once you learn how to roll the perfect blunt, it’s like riding a bike: you’ll never forget. That’s why we’re going to cover how to twist up beautiful blunts in this complete guide.

how to roll a perfect blunt

How to Roll a Perfect Blunt

You can approach learning how to roll a blunt one of two ways. First, you can go with the original technique that involves using store-bought cigars. Or, you could buy specially-made blunt wraps to make the process easier.

Using Cigars: How to Roll a Swisher Blunt (or Backwoods, White Owl, and More)

First, we’ll cover the classic rolling method: using cigars from a store. If you’ve ever wondered how to roll a swisher blunt, this is the technique you’ll need to learn.

Before you start, you’ll need one key ingredient: a cigar. You can choose from any store-bought cigar brand like:

  • Swisher Sweets–a classic.
  • Dutch Master–a great way to get started, but only in moist climates.
  • Backwoods–one of the most popular brands today.
  • White Owl–if you’re looking for something different.

Next up, you’ll need some cannabis. Blunts can take a decent amount of cannabis to roll effectively. If you don’t use enough flower, you’ll have trouble when it finally comes time to seal your blunt.

Instead, you’ll need at least half a gram to roll a blunt effectively. You can add as much flower as you want, although most store-bought cigars won’t be able to hold more than a gram or two.

Now that you have all your supplies, you’re ready to start rolling!

  • Step 1: first, break up all your weed into a fine powder. You can do this with your fingers, but grinders can make this step fast and easy.
  • Step 2: split cigar. Most cigars will have two layers: an outer layer made up of a tobacco leaf wrapped around an inner layer made of paper. Split both layers opened together. You can do this with any sharp object, like a knife or even your keys. But the pros will be able to find the cigar’s seam and split it like a hot dog bun with their fingers. Once you’ve split your cigar, empty the insides (called “blunt guts”) into the trash.
  • Step 3: moisten layers. Once you’ve split your cigar, keep the papers moist. Gently gathering them in your hands and breathing on them is a good way to moisten them. Don’t get them wet though, or the paper may disintegrate!
  • Step 4: add ground weed to the cigar. Lay the weed in a line along the middle of the blunt.
  • Step 5: roll-up. Once you have the weed in the papers, roll it to form a cylindrical shape. Then, lick the edge of the paper to wet it. Roll the paper up and press down. Your saliva should cause it to seal. Then, you’re ready to spark up!

After a few tries, you’ll be rolling like the pros. Still not getting it? For more info and some helpful visuals, check out this video tutorial.

how to roll a perfect blunt

Using Blunt Wraps (Like Zig Zags)

The method we covered above is the old-school way to roll up a blunt. But in recent years, some companies have begun selling their own blunt wraps, sometimes called “blunt skins.” Zig Zag is one prominent example.

Using blunt wraps is significantly easier than emptying out a cigar. Simply open a package and take out one of the blunt wraps inside. Then, repeat steps 4 and 5 from above. Once you do, give the blunt a few minutes to dry. If you have any questions, check out this video.

Stock Up on Blunt Supplies Before You Start Rolling

Now that you have an idea of how to roll a blunt, all you need is the materials. That part’s actually easy! Stop by any of these dispensaries and browse their selection. Find your favorite strain to twist up and get rolling!