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Save time and choose the best strains for your goals—every time. Introducing Budtender AI! Cloud Cannabis’s new StrainBrain features will match you with the strain that has the closest experience to what you want, making sure you get the best bang out of your canna-buck.

Cloud Budtender AI

What Is Budtender AI?

Now, every single person will have a budtender in their pockets to help them pick the best strain for themselves available at the best cannabis stores in Michigan. 

StrainBrain’s AI Budtender was created by long-time friends and water polo teammates Andrew Leber and Graham Bohm. They combined Andrew’s AI knowledge from working in computational biology with Graham’s app development knowledge to build an accurate and scalable web application that matches individuals with their perfect strain.

Their goal? Well, they wanted to help the millions of new and casual cannabis users are trying cannabis and provide experienced connoisseurs with a new way to appreciate this amazing plant.

How Does It Work?

Budtender AI is designed to match you with your perfect strain in just a few short clicks. We’ll filter out the strains that aren’t available at your selected store and provide you with the choices that match your preferences.

We know it’s hard to shop from home. While online ordering is convenient, the lack of budtender interaction makes it harder to nail down the right products. Now, customers who shop online will now be able to access high-quality personalized strain recommendations without having to stop in or call the dispensary. Never before has the budtending experience been brought online in such a tangible way!

Since our opening, Cloud has striven to help people better understand the products we carry so they can find the best ones for their goals. Budtender AI takes our sorting system and supercharges it so you can get more customized recommendations quickly. 

cloud cannabis spectrum

Have multiple goals? No problem! Find strains to help you stay on task, tackle pain, or catch some zzz’s. Just run your different wants through the Budtender AI system individually to get different recommendations. That way, you’ll have the perfect strain on hand for whatever mood you’re in.

Ready to Get Started? Save Now!

Whether you’re busy, social distancing, shy, like to shop online, or prefer a data-driven approach, Cloud Cannabis’s Budtender AI can help match you to your personalized strain for free, 24/7. Plus, when you share your recommendation on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, we’ll give you $5 off your strain when you spend $40 or more! Just show your budtender your post when you stop by.

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