These Gifts Will Surprise Mom with Energizing & Calming Powers

What is there to say about moms that hasn’t already been said? They’re hardworking, selfless, and they help shape the people we become. That’s a lot to celebrate! To help you find the perfect give for mom, we’ve introduced our limited-time Mother’s Day bundles that we’re sure will make mom’s day!

Come by anytime from Friday to Sunday and grab one of our “Flowers and Chocolate” bundles that we’ve put together specifically for Mother’s Day. 

mother's day bundles

Mother’s Day Bundles

This has been quite the year. Rather than the traditional bouquet, introduce mom to high-quality flower from some of Michigan’s best brands. Our pre-packaged 1/8ths are a great way to explore different strains without a large commitment. Mom can sample some excellent sativas or indicas and find the ones that work best for her. 

Included in each of our bundles is a tasty edible from Kaneh Co. Their triple chocolate brownie will not only satisfy Mom’s sweet tooth (or chocoholic tendencies), but will help her find deep relaxation.


Our Energize bundle combines sativa flower with sativa chocolate to provide an energizing pick-me-up for moms on the go. Help her tackle her to-do list and focus in on those things that matter to her.


Our Calm bundle features relaxing indica flower and an edible perfect for enjoying a well-deserved rest. We all know that calming down after a long day can be hard when there are still things to be done (is a mother’s work ever done?), but will these indica treats, relaxing has never been easier.

Available for both our medical and recreational customers, here’s what our Mother’s Day bundles look like:


  • 1/8th of Hyman sativa + 1 Kaneh Triple Chocolate Brownie – $65 (Rec)
  • 1/8th of Empire sativa + 1 Kaneh Triple Chocolate Brownie – $50 (Med)

CALM Bundle

  • 1/8th of Hyman indica + 1 Kaneh Triple Chocolate Brownie – $65 (Rec)
  • 1/8th of Empire indica + 1 Kaneh Triple Chocolate Brownie – $50 (Med)

Swing by this weekend and make this Mother’s Day extra special! 

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