About Cloud Cannabis

We’re a cannabis dispensary, but when we say Live Higher there’s a little more to it than you might think. We’re talking about elevating your life. Your health. Your enjoyment. Your productivity. All the stuff you want to take your life to the next level. To be the best version of you. We’ll show you which cannabis product will give you the effect you want. If you need to soothe an ache, we have something for that. Sleep a little better? We’ve got that, too. And of course, if you just want to relax, we’ll help you feel as light as a cloud. It all depends on what you want because everyone sees clouds a little differently. And we are here for every one of you. 

Every dark cloud has a silver lining

Cloud’s founders, Jacob Saboo and John Mcleod, met working in the Michigan cannabis industry. John is an ex-Detroit Police Officer injured in the line of duty. He struggled to recover and discovered the power of cannabis to heal. He credits the plant with improving his health and happiness, and, for meeting Jacob Saboo. Jacob has been in the industry since 2017, building some of the leading brands in the State. Along the way, he developed close working relationships with the best growers, retailers and producers. John is focused on community relations, while Jacob uses his network to source the best flower and highest quality products.
"Our mantra is ‘patients over profits’, and our goal is for Cloud Cannabis to become the go-to resource to help customers live higher by creating a higher version of themselves – a faster runner, a better friend, a more focused student and more.”
- John McLeod Chief Development Officer, Cloud Cannabis

Why Cloud Cannabis


Our knowledgeable team can help you design experiences tailored to your needs by accessing one of the largest quality flower selections. Our aim is to make everyone in Michigan happier and healthier.


Cloud is committed to supporting communities through hiring locally and giving back. All are welcome from the most experienced enthusiast to the occasional consumer.


Depending on how you want to feel, we'll recommend products and dosages to satisfy your needs. So whether that's enjoying time with friends, helping with a medical ailment, improving energy and focus, let us help you "Live Higher."

Cloud Cares

Giving back to the community is part of Cloud’s DNA and is very important to Cloud leadership. Cloud will partner with a local organization in each community where it opens a storefront. The community partnerships include donating a portion of opening week sales and additional sponsorships to support the organizations. Cloud’s goal is to create long-term partnerships with local organizations to provide ongoing support to the communities those organizations serve.
In Traverse City, Cloud has partnered with TART Trails – an organization that is dedicated to providing recreation and transportation opportunities through preserving open space corridors, building trails and advocating for active living and outdoor recreation.
In Ann Arbor, Cloud has partnered with the Shelter Association of Washtenaw County – an organization that works with community members to allocate the necessary resources to provide housing and support based on the Housing First Model.

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John McLeod, Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer, Cloud Cannabis
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