Favorite Strain Alert: Add More Green to Your St. Patrick’s Day

This St. Patrick’s Day (that’s Wednesday, March 17, 2021) will be a celebration of all things green. Thought to cloak its wearers from leprechauns—those mischievous, pinch-happy fairies—green is a symbol of Ireland and its fierce heritage and pride. Of course, given that we’re a growing family of Michigan provisioning centers, green has a slightly different meaning to us! But we love celebrating in our own special way: With a handpicked selection of cannabis strains and products that include or otherwise highlight their native greenness!

We invite you to come to visit any of our dispensaries to find these fun and fantastic products.

St Patricks Day 2

Cloud Cannabis’ Favorite Green Strains & Products for St. Patrick’s Day

chewii green apple rings st patricks day

Green Apple Rings by Chewii

These fun green-and-white gummy rings are just the thing to liven up your St. Patrick’s Day! Packed with a tart and tangy apple flavor (not to mention a healthy 10mg dose of THC) these yummy candies have quickly become a fan favorite. (As with all cannabis-infused treats, make sure these don’t fall into the hands of children or anyone else who might consume them by mistake.)

Garlic breath

Garlic Breath by North Cannabis Co.

Okay, so maybe connecting “green” with “garlic” is a stretch, but this rare and unusual indica is worth the effort. You will indeed be surprised by the strong flavor, but then be entranced by the super-calming high that will lift your spirits with a gentle, garlic-scented wash of happiness. You’ll probably feel a bit sleepy after sampling this jolly green giant, but if it’s not quite bedtime you’ll still be rewarded by a deep and lasting sense of uplift.

platinum vape green goblin

Green Goblin Distillate Cartridge by Platinum Vape

This 510-style cartridge is packed full with an extract of Green Goblin, an energizing sativa that delivers a bewitching blend of the dreamy and euphoric with an often surprising clear-headedness and creative inspiration. With a roughly 13:1 THC to CBD ratio, it delivers moderate relief from depression and anxiety along with those peppy, feel-good vibes.

claw green crack st patrick's day

Green Crack Cartridge by Drip Cartridge

Another 510-style cartridge, this offering packs a flavorful extract of this notoriously energizing Sativa strain. Beloved as a “daytime strain” to help fight off stress, fatigue, and depression, it delivers a sharp blast of cerebral uplift and invigorating mental buzz.

You can also find Green Crack from Claw and Humblebee!

You can find these strains and products at your nearest Cloud Cannabis store: