Cannabis Vapes: The Difference Between CO2, Distillate & Live Resin Carts

As far as we’re concerned, cannabis vapes are one of the most groundbreaking and exciting stories in the whole world of cannabis right now. For one thing, vaping is easier on the lungs than smoking flower. And because they’re available in slim, discreet, and portable pen-like devices, they’re a perfect choice for those who prefer to take their cannabis on the go with them!

But not all cannabis vapes are created equal! The cartridges for vape devices can be filled with several types of cannabis concentrate; three of the most popular are known as CO2, distillate and live resin. Let’s walk you through their similarities and differences so that you can make the best choice for your particular needs and goals!

Cannabis Vapes: How Does a Vape Pen Work?

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There are a number of cannabis vapes on the market right now. Some are high-tech and futuristic, others are slender and discreet, but all of them work on more or less the same principle. They heat either cannabis flower—or, more commonly, a cannabis concentrate—to the point at which the beneficial compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes in the cannabis volatize, but not to the point that the plant matter actually burns.

The result, as we hinted, is a cool and easy to inhale mist. Compared with the smoke produced by burning plant matter, it’s extremely gentle on our airways and lungs while still delivering all the benefits of smoking cannabis flower.

Simpler cannabis vapes don’t feature controls. All you do is gently inhale, which triggers the battery-powered element to heat the cannabis to a preset level. Fancier devices allow temperature-control options so that you can fine-tune the effect based on the type of cannabis product you’re vaping. But what are you vaping when you use a vape? Here’s the skinny.

Cannabis Vapes: CO2 Cartridges

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There are many methods of extracting and concentrating cannabis into a liquid form. And one of the most popular is called CO2 extraction; it uses pressure to concentrate the naturally occurring gas carbon dioxide (CO2) into liquid form, which is then used to “wash” the cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis flower. Afterward, the CO2 evaporates, leaving a solvent-free and vapable product with reasonably high potency, typically in the area of 50% – 70% concentration.

CO2 cartridges are a great choice for those who want the full flavor and cannabinoid profile of the original cannabis flower. Because it’s not as refined as other concentrates, it’s typically a little less expensive than other types. That said, it’s less concentrated than other concentrates, so you have to use more to get the same effects.

Cannabis Vapes: Distillate Cartridges

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Distillate cartridges are similar in that they typically begin with previously concentrated oil such as a CO2-extracted one. But that concentrate is heated to the point at which the cannabinoids volatize and are captured in a second container. This process yields a more concentrated product—in the 80% – 90% range—but at the expense of much of the “full-spectrum” matter such as terpenes and plant compounds.

Distillate cartridges are a good choice for those who simply want the benefits of THC and CBD without the flavorful auxiliary compounds. They deliver a clean and highly potent dose of cannabinoids with minimal distractions.

Cannabis Vapes: Live Resin Cartridges

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These cartridges are somewhat exotic, in that they use the “live resin” concentrate made by processing fresh-picked, flash-frozen cannabis flower. The result is an almost hyper-realistic experience, containing many more of the terpenes than you find in even the freshest dried cannabis flower! As a result, you can expect to experience greater psychoactivity and theoretically greater medicinal benefit from the exceptionally high terpene content of this unique cannabis product.

Do you have other questions about cannabis vapes? Just ask! We’d love to tell you more about them, or any other topic in the world of cannabis!

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