Why We Love Pre-rolls

Not the best at rolling joints but still love to smoke pre-rolls? There’s no need to struggle with rolling bad joints when you can just let a pro do it instead! Nowadays, dispensary shelves are packed with pre-rolled joints that have been rolled to perfection and packed with premium cannabis.

Just what are pre-rolls and why should you try them?

Explaining Pre-rolls and the Benefits

Pre Rolls 1

As their name implies, pre-rolls are joints that have already been rolled, taking the rolling process out of your hands and saving you the time and frustration of rolling your own joints. Pre-rolls are either rolled by experts who have rolled thousands of joints and blunts in their lifetime, or by joint rolling machines that automate the entire process.

What are pre-rolls good for? Well, for starters, it’s easy to mess up when rolling a joint. Something as simple as not grinding your bud correctly or not evenly distributing it through the paper can totally ruin the joint smoking experience and waste papers. When you’re dealing with pre-rolls, you’ll never have these problems. Pre-rolls are tightly rolled for a smooth smoke each and every time.

Apart from providing a superior smoking experience, pre-rolls are also a serious time-saver. Unless you practice rolling joints with abandon, it’s probably going to take you a good few minutes to correctly roll up a doobie, and even longer to roll a blunt. Many people find that showing up to their dispensary and picking up a pre-rolled joint is much more convenient than having to spend time and energy rolling their own.

Additionally, pre-rolls can be a great way to try out different strains and different types of bud without committing to buying an entire 3.5 grams. Whether you’re looking to enjoy some high-thc pre-rolls, some cbd pre-rolls, or a new strain, buying pre-rolls instead of flower buds will give you a chance to sample different kinds of bud in smaller amounts.

Flower Pre-rolls vs Infused Pre-rolls

If you love smoking joints but aren’t quite satisfied with the lower potency of cannabis flower, you don’t have to skip the pre-rolls altogether–just grab an infused preroll instead. Infused pre-rolls are joints that include both cannabis flower and a cannabis concentrate rolled up together. The many different kinds of infused pre-rolls include options packed with kief, hash, shatter, or other kinds of concentrated cannabis oils.

Infused pre-rolls are a great option for anyone with a higher tolerance who typically consumes concentrated cannabis products or for anyone just looking for a stronger high from their pre-roll. They’re also great for sharing with friends in social settings, especially for medium-sized or larger groups for which a simple flower-packed joint might not pack enough punch.

How to Use Pre-rolled Cones

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If you’re not entirely sold on pre-rolls, you can still make things easier on yourself by using pre-rolled cones and tips. These are kind of like pre-rolled joints, but without any cannabis. They can be conveniently used to make your own thc pre-rolls or cbd pre-rolls at home. Just grind your bud up, stuff it inside the cone or tip, and seal the tip by twisting the paper.

Pre-rolls at Cloud

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